Client Testimonials

Our Policy For Online Reviews

The Disability Champions does not consider or respond to reviews from online forums. In our experience, those reviews are posted by former clients who we were unable to help due to their specific life situations. Those reviews do not accurately reflect the quality of our services.

Also, we have been privileged to represent over 10,000 clients since we started in late 2016. When you look at the number of negative reviews, consider that they represent less than 1% of our entire client base.

This page is currently being built. We are compiling more favorable reviews from clients that we have received over the years and we will be adding them shortly. If you would like to see what our clients truly think about us, please review the posts below for actual reviews from satisfied clients.

Client Testimonials

“I cannot say enough about The Disability Champions. Al Frevola and his staff are amazing. From beginning to end they walked me through my SSA disability process and kept me apprised of my situation. I would highly recommend The Disability Champions to everyone, they are the best in my book. “

– Angela L

“Thank you so much for representing me through all of this. I have fought for so many years.

– Andrea C

We are very grateful The Disability Champions approved his case. Thanks so much for your help.

– C & JM

 “Al, without your help I could not have helped myself and you have been an angel in my life, so thank you so much. Without Disability Champions, I would still be unable to make ends meet.

Melanie A

 “Thank you for all you did for me. If you’re looking for a winning disability attorney you can’t go wrong with Disability Champions!! They will fight for you!”

Teri S

“I have a friend whose wife is disabled. I told him how fortunate I had been to work with you on my Disability Case.  He was grateful for the information.  I explained I just wanted to “pay my good fortune forward” by referring him to you.  I hope this finds you doing well, Al.  I was reminded how fortunate I am and what great, competent help I had from you. Best regards! 

Barbara L

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