Social Security Disability: 10 Reasons You May Be Denied Benefits

As you might know, it is not always very straightforward to claim your social security disability. The process is not complicated per se, but it requires many steps, and some important information might get lost somewhere along the way. For this reason, you might experience a benefits denial. Why is this happening to you? Keep reading to learn more about ten reasons why your social security disability might be denied.

10 Reasons You May Be Denied Social Security Disability

1) Your documentation is not in order: In some cases, it is quite easy to get confused and miss something when submitting your application. As a result, you might end up experiencing some issues with the outcome of your application.

2) Your outside submission deadlines: Even though you think you submitted all the documents and everything should be alright; you might have missed your submission deadline. Make sure you submitted all the necessary information in a timely fashion.

3) Missing out on important communications: In some cases, you might be contacted with a request for additional details. If this is the case, chances are you might have missed out on some important communication.

4) You haven’t provided enough information: as mentioned earlier, it is possible that your application might have declined because you failed to provide all the necessary information. Even when you think that nothing is missing, the problem might be that you have not provided details considered in-depth enough. When applying again, you could try to add more exhaustive information, in order to offer a broader perspective on your case and situation. It might be possible that more evidence and personal records might help you overcome the struggle.

5) Lack of support and assistance: some people might find it hard to complete the submission process on your own, and as a result, they might be faced with a decline based on some error, or a lack of relevant information to build their case. If you think this might be your situation, you could consider getting someone to help you, whether it’s a relative or a professional consultant, who might be able to provide further guidance and assistance.

6) You simply do not qualify: many people make claims in order to receive benefits, even though they do not match the criteria to receive such benefits. If you are not sure about your situation, it is highly recommended to review policies and regulations based in your particular situation.

7) Your income is too high: in some cases, social security benefits might be denied, if you are earning above a certain income threshold.

8) Lack of compliance with consultative exams: if you have not attended required consultative exams, you might risk experiencing a claim denial. In order to increase your chances with an appeal, it is important to comply with any request.

9) Failure to comply with prescribed treatment: if you do not comply with prescribed medical treatment, your disability claim might be denied.

10) Drugs and alcohol abuse history: if you are an alcoholic, or a drug user, the authorities might deny your social security benefits. You might also experience issues if you have criminal records.

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