What Does Your Child Need to Qualify for Social Security Benefits? 

It’s hard if you have a child with a disability. It’s also hard to understand the long and confusing application process that SSA puts you through for your child to receive benefits. Perhaps you’re not even sure if you’ve done it all the right way? You need someone to turn to who knows the ins and outs of the social security system to guide you correctly.

Age Requirements

If your child has a disability he or she can qualify for benefits provided they meet certain requirements. He or she must be under 18 years of age. There is an exception to this rule however – which is, if your child is still enrolled in jr. high or high school full time they can apply. This does not include College.

In that case, your child will be eligible for SSI childhood benefits until your child reaches the age of 22.

After children reach 18 (or 22 in some cases), their disability will be reevaluated under the adult listings.

Financial Requirements

For social security benefits, your income bracket must fall beneath a certain level. Social Security does take into consideration the income of the parent or step parent with whom the child lives when determining benefits for the child.

If the child does not live at home, only the income of the parent who is legally in charge of the child or whom the child visits on weekends and holidays will be considered.

In a process called “deeming,” Social Security will look at the income and resources of the qualifying parent(s) and count a certain amount of the parent’s income as income of the child.

The child must meet SSI income limit in order to move forward in the process of applying for disability benefits.

You must show that your child is medically disabled by showing that your child meets a disability ‘listing’ or “functionally equals’ the listing because of limitations in one or more areas of functioning. This can be mental or physical.

Meeting a Disability Listing

Social Security has a “blue book” that lists 14 different impairments that, if met, will qualify your child for disability benefits. To meet one of these listings, you must provide medical evidence to show that your child meets every element in the listing.

If your child has been denied benefits from Social Security contact The Disability Champions.

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