Our Fees – No Upfront Costs & No Fees Unless You Win

Zero Costs or Fees, Unless You Win

health care fees A Disability Champions advantage is that we will get started and continue to completion the priority mission to win you deserved disability benefits with zero upfront costs plus no fees ever, unless you win. With The Disability Champions representing your cause, you will never be charged a fee throughout the entire process unless you win your claim to receive disability benefits. Our fee policy is that we will not be paid unless you win your case. In other words, all of the diligent work we do, without exception, will be completely gratis, if your claim is not approved.

Fees, Which Only Apply if Benefits are Approved

At The Disability Champions, we have a solid track record of helping clients claim their disability benefits. After your benefits are approved, the one-time fee paid to us will be sent by the Social Security Administration directly to us. This fee will be a portion of your back pay. You and your family will receive the remainder of the back pay, which is typically a majority of the full amount, plus YOU GET THE FULL AMOUNT of monthly payments that are due to you from the government.

None of your monthly benefits ever go to The Disability Champions. If you are not awarded benefits, our fee amounts to zero.

Please contact us or complete our free evaluation, if you have any questions about our fees.

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