Learn Who Qualifies to Apply for SSI

While some residents in Orlando, FL, earn huge monthly salaries, others have limited income. With the little cash, it’s hard to care for your medical needs. To meet these needs, you can apply for supplemental security income, which can be tricky. The Disability Champions is the firm you should choose to represent you. So long as you don’t live in a public institution, meet the residency requirements, and satisfy income requirements, you qualify to apply for SSI.  Below are the residents who remain eligible to apply for SSI. Learn more here.

The Blind

When blind, it’s hard to work, hence, having a little or no cash. We help you apply for SSI so that you can care for your daily needs. Learn more about How to Reach Us When You Want to Apply for SSI.


Some residents of Orlando, FL, become disabled at some point in their life. Working on getting an income becomes hard; thus, the need to apply for SSI. We help you to obtain Medicare when needed.

The Elderly Over 65

Most people above the age of 65 are weak, sick and it isn’t easy to work and satisfy their needs. We help these elderly residents to apply for SSI so that they won’t struggle for medical bills and other needs.

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